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Thin veneer or decorative stone

Stone Veneer


Natural Stone VeneerMade from real natural stone The thickness of the real stone is about 2 or 2.5 millimeters, molded and sealed with a special glue. To connect to the reinforcing mesh (Fiberglass) and cover another layer with a protective sheet on the back as shown above. When the stone is thin and reinforced on the back, Natural Stone Veneer is strong, lightweight, flexible according to curves. weather resistant Can be installed both outside and inside, durable.

Adheres to almost any surface such as concrete, masonry, concrete precast walls Viva Board  Ceramics, metals, plywood, wood, gypsum board, MDF, granite, marble, or so on. texture 


can come in contact with water For example, it can be used to make a wall in the area of washing dishes or washing dishes or inside the bathroom. But it cannot be used for constant exposure to water, such as in swimming pools, and the material is not waterproofing, which means waterproofing the building. 

Natural Stone Veneer is available in a wide variety of styles and tones, each of which is harmoniously beautiful and natural. Installation is quick and easy. Suitable for work that requires speed but still looks as beautiful as real stone. The popular projects are Restaurant decoration, showroom, coffee shop, residential house, furniture decoration, counter or car interior decoration Boat 

interior design

Properties of stone veneers

Steps to install stone veneer on the wall

Before starting the stone veneer installation We should prepare the equipment. and materials that will be used to install ready at the site before starting the installation to allow the installation of stones It's fast and hassle-free. We recommend preparing the installation equipment as shown below. This is a basic equipment and can be added or changed as appropriate for the jobsite conditions. 


microfiber cloth




Grinder uses stone cutting blades.


Water tank to wipe stone slabs

กาวตะปู henkel PL60 สูตรน้ำมัน.jpg

nail glue


circular saw cutter


nail glue gun


tape measure



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