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natural decorative stone 

Natural Stone Veneer

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Decorative Stones You Can Own

Interior design or built-in furniture There is a demand for decorative materials in a variety of styles and beauty. which the presence of new materials Occurring can bring diversity, differences, unique beauty. Architect or Interior Can be applied to the decoration according to the desired Design. Different designs bring newness. of the interior and bring about unique ideas Exclusive 

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how many typesBangkok Noi

There are two types of our stone veneers, categorized by translucency and opaque. The most common type is opaque. The light cannot pass through the stone slab, the back of the stone slab is completely black. the other is transparent. Noticed from the stray side of the sheet will look clear. In order for the light to survive, as shown above, the price is about 50% higher than the opaque one, but when compared to the beauty and unusualness Can be used to decorate a variety of Most of them are counters. and walls that want to add beauty 

supporting structure

Because the sheet weight is not much, about 3 kg per sheet (sheet size 60 cm. x 120 cm.), can be attached to almost any structure, for example:

  • lightweight walls, gypsum, plywood

  • masonry wall, concrete wall

  • plywood frame 

  • prefabricated wall

  • concrete wall

  • brick wall

  • Steel Structure 

  • wooden structure

  • viva board

Installation (general)

surface preparation

Natural stone veneer can be used to adhere to a variety of surfaces. using quality and standard glue By choosing the glue that is suitable for the surface to be installed. before installing surface preparation must be performed The surface must be clean, free from dust, mortar, scrap materials, oil scraps, various coatings, paints, and all kinds of oils. or other things that are not real skin However, the instructions of the glue manufacturer must be followed. according to the standard installation practice It is essential to test the area to be installed. before doing the actual installation.

Type of adhesive

You can contact the glue manufacturing company to inquire about the type. or how to install with adhesives applied to natural stone veneers on different material surfaces Humidity and temperature influence material selection. and adhesion to the material In the case of external installation It is necessary to consider expansion due to temperature changes. by natural stone veneer It is a type of veneer that stretches and contracts with the changing temperature of the day. However, it is advisable to consult the glue manufacturing company. and follow the manufacturer's instructions. or glue supplier by testing a small area before the actual installation

Recommended glue type

  • Epoxy Adhesive

  • Polyurethane glue for wood (Polyurethane wood glue)

  • construction glue (Construction Adhesive) 

  • nail glue

  • MS polymer glue

  • High quality rubber adhesive (CR contact adhesive)

Always test the adhesive on the surface to be installed.

flexible stone veneer

The stone slab can be bent. By bending the sheet lengthwise (1,210 mm), the degree of flexion should be tested first. to prevent breakage of the sheet

Make it smooth

Use a steel or plastic roller to roll the sheet over the installed area around the area. By focusing on the glue attached to the stone sheet

Cutting of stone veneer

A circular saw or a piglet can be used. with rails for a smooth and straight cut Once cut, the edges can be treated with fine sandpaper. to corner or join sheet 

Stone Sealer 

Clean the surface with a damp cloth and preferably with a sealer or stone veneer. can be coated on the stone surface However, the type of sealer must be consulted with the sealer manufacturer for natural stone. in order not to cause any change in the color of the stone or the oiliness of the stone This may cause the loss of natural skin identity. The reagent should be tested on the stone surface before actual use every time. Recommendations There are types of gloss, matt and unchanged types.



If you are the one who likes to decorate the house with stone or natural stone. Go for a walk and look at some decorative stones such as marble, granite or sand stones but problme is these kind of stones is very expensive both for material and installation.  In addition, the installation has to hire a speical stone sub-contractor separately. Its very difficult to find and the problem of installation can not fixed or repair easily. The owner must accept the problems. Now we have some very special stones to offer. It is a stone formed from slate or marble or sand stone which is processed by resin backing process. ultra light weight.

difference between Natural real stone vs. natural stone veneer

Natural Stone Veneer is produced with real natural stone surface. But through various processes until the thickness does not exceed 2 millimeters, which makes it very lightweight. As a result, it is easy to install. without the need for a concrete structure or a steel structure to support it, like installing real stone


The estimated actual stone price will depend on the type and size, with the total installation cost about 2,000 – 10,000 baht or more per square meter. and does not include structural costs that must be designed to support the actual weight of the stone which the approximate price of natural stone veneer It is worth about 1,000++ baht/square meter. and does not require a structure to support Can be attached to gypsum frame, masonry wall, plywood wall, black plywood wall, smart board, general light wall.


Who are our customers?

Our clients range from resorts, hotels, large buildings to the decoration of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, music rooms, co-working spaces, and individual home furnishings. general townhouse You can see that we can support every group of customers. We have delivery all over the country to support the expansion of the product.


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