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Artificial marble/artificial stone

synthetic stone


Artificial marble or artificial stone is made from synthetic material of artificial stone. Surface coating with UV high gloss with a glossy appearance. Scratch resistant Resistant to moisture and water Non-flammable and flame retardant Used as interior decoration materials such as TV walls, various walls that require beauty resembling a real stone But it's affordable. 


Artificial marble or artificial stone size 

4 x8 feet

3 mm thick

Weight 18 kg per sheet


glue used nail glue

To cut, use a circular saw.

embellishment with sandpaper


artificial marble brand Kiriman  for short, artificial or synthetic stone. The stone looks similar to Italian marble or Italian marble tile. Suitable for the group of built-in furniture to decorate the kitchen, interior work (interior designer), interior decoration, use to install on the wall. The difference between Italian marble and artificial marble is the huge weight difference that synthetic stone can be installed almost anywhere. The texture  is lighter than marble tiles. granite tiles various stone tiles The next outstanding feature is a general artisan or a general built-in furniture maker. can be installed by yourself No special stoneworker needed. As a result, stone installation costs are 3-4 times cheaper than artificial marble or artificial synthetic stone. Nail adhesive or rubber adhesive can be applied directly to various surfaces such as masonry walls, plywood walls, gypsum walls, and various lightweight walls. Choose artificial marble that matches the built-in work to be more suitable.


stone integrity check


Marble is a natural stone that is formed from various minerals. And form forms through the crystal process to form marble, can be cut to the desired thickness and size. Exfoliate your face to the desired luster. Marble inspection is necessary. Marble when used to decorate the house is luxurious. When installed, it will be durable for a long time. Marble inspection can be done as follows.

1.Check the thickness of marble on all 4 sides, should have the same thickness, if detect different thickness sizes, may cause different quality of stone slabs.

2.Each stone pattern will have a different pattern, it should be noted that the stone slabs will have similar shades on the whole sheet.

3. The cuts on all 4 sides must be straight, not warped, not chipped.

4. The polished side is the non-mesh side, in the case of stone slabs with reinforcing mesh, it is a low-quality slab.

5. The back of the marble slab should be inspected for cracks, cracks and the integrity of the marble slab.

6.Check the stone pattern carefully to make sure there are no cracks in the stone slab.

7.Check the porosity of the marble by dropping lemon juice on the marble slab surface. Low-quality marble is very porous and lime juice is absorbed quickly. Indicates that it is a low quality marble slab.

8. Check for stains, chemical marks on the surface of the marble slab by using a flashlight to shine at 45 degrees. Various stains will be visible on the stone slab.

9. Inspecting the marble slab, it is recommended to check in the morning the stone slab has not expanded. Inspect the stone slab in the shade with complete tools and equipment. Inspect the stone slab and take a photo to confirm.


 grey artificial marble black artificial marble

This year, we have added artificial marble designs as follows:

1. Black artificial marble pattern

2. Gray artificial marble pattern

This black and gray marble can be used to decorate the wall behind the TV or as a general marble wall. The decoration of these 2 types of artificial marble must be designed to go well with the built-in furniture. and the decoration of the floor and the palm When choosing a marble pattern, you should consider covering the edges and seams. It is possible to choose materials that are environmentally friendly and can also be installed easily and quickly, such as artificial marble. Artificial marble is different from real marble. It is much lighter and gives a shiny face. The design of stone walls should be budget-oriented, with artificial marble walls having a smaller budget than real marble walls. Choosing to choose as appropriate, beautiful, wall stone or white marble can be used as appropriate.


The difference between artificial marble and real marble

Real marble or natural marble has long been used in marble wall decoration. Used in the interior decoration industry and construction industry which is limited Marble is heavy and requires a steel frame to support the marble. causing high installation costs Assembled with marble, you have to stick it yourself. And the value is quite high as a result of architects, designers, decorative arts or interior designers. There is a budget issue with customers as well as current features such as thickness. As a result, marble can only be installed in a large area. The presence of artificial marble materials to choose from in the interior. It is an alternative for designers to choose from. with the property of being a synthetic material The marble is only 3 mm thick, it is affordable. The selection of artificial marble can be installed on almost any surface. because it is lightweight It can also be installed by general technicians. And this artificial marble is more and more similar to real marble skin every day. There is a real luster in the marble texture. Can feel close to real marble Marble is available in a wide variety of sizes and stones. Marble is approximately 10 times cheaper than real marble than real marble.


Ideas for decorating walls with stone

The long-established interior of marble or marble wall decorations can be decorated in a scant style.

Interior or Loft style, which has stone used to decorate the walls that give mood. Minimael feel. A wide selection of faux marble finishes gives the quality and feel of a Minimael interior. Having a wall decorated with stone panels will make any home or residence stand out. Rather than ordinary painting or wallpapering, the decorative stone will give a feeling that is closer to nature than tile. The selection of stone decorations in each part of the building can also be broken down as follows.

wall stone in the bathroom

The choice of stone to decorate the walls in the bathroom may be used as a small wall. Some and the rest can be used as tiles to reduce costs. By choosing a stone that is resistant to moisture. easy to install

The choice of decorative stone in the hallway

The stone wall in the corridor can give a different feel from the general wallpaper installation. The stone surface is embossed and gives the impression of various patterns and textures. You can choose decorative stones such as prostate stone, natural stone veneer.

Synthetic stone to reduce the cost of building a structure to support.

Decorative stone in the TV room

The wall in front of the TV is more and more popular to use decorative stone. It started out as a highlight and an eye-catcher for the onlookers. Choosing stone to decorate the wall in front of the TV should choose a smooth stone, choose smooth, glossy or matte. was chosen according to the design of the department The stone used may be artificial stone with marble pattern which is very popular nowadays.

kitchen wall stone

In Thailand, in the kitchen it is not very popular to decorate with stone, as it is often used. There may be oil stains on the stone surface. Which is difficult to clean, but can choose to use stone to decorate the walls in the kitchen that are not related to cooking. The selected stone such as marble, sandstone, granite can be selected accordingly.

หินอ่อนตกแต่งผนัง (2).jpg
หินอ่อนตกแต่งผนัง (1).jpg

The design combines wood and artificial marble.

 Wood and marble are a great combination of design in buildings that demand luxury. and natural artificial marble decoration Can be used together with artificial wood perfectly Wood can be sawn timber, real wood, or artificial wood. An important factor in choosing the type of wood And the color of marble is the tone of the room that needs to be designed in the interior. Choosing a wooden floor Or marble, it depends on the functionality. Most of them can be used according to the use of a decorator or architect. The use of gold stainless steel strips. or stainless steel band, pink gold Can choose to be attached to wood and stone patterns.

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Synthetic artificial stone works

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